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Tranquil Ancient Antigua Beaches - When I say blue water, what shade of blue do you think of? Chances are, you may think of blueberries, the sky, or maybe even a dark cobalt blue. But in Antigua, the color of the Caribbean Sea is entirely unique. Think of a blue ice-flavored Jelly-Belly (remember those), or a glacier from the inside, or maybe a bright turquoise dress. This is the color of the sea. 


The Caribbean's Best Boutique Hotel - Villa Nova -Villa Nova is a classic hotel outpost of considerable desideratum that is ensconced in the sugar hills of Barbados, recently capturing these awards: "Hottest Hotel in the World", from Conde Nast Traveler Magazine; Tattlers' "Prestige Hotel of the Year"; and in 2003, "Boutique Hotel of the Year" from the World Travel Awards.

Get Your Beach Gear HereLush Luxe Lesser Antilles  One of the most romantic Caribbean island destinations is crown colony Barbados. From ultra-luxurious spa/hotel retreats such as Sandy Lane, to the former home of the Cunard Line magnate - Fairmont at Glitter Bay, to hidden villas in the Scotland District, to historic plantation mansions - Barbados treats you right - for honeymoons or weddings, you will find romance!

Glitter Bay, Barbados 
 The Fairmont Hotel puts on a fair face in Barbados. Conde Nast Magazine ranks Glitterbay, on the west coast of Barbados, as one of the best resorts in the Caribbean. As the former mansion of the Cunard cruise line magnate, it is now your home for luxury, golf, horseback riding, watersports and tea and crumpets. West Indies cricket anyone?

Get a Tan at the Southern Palms Beach Club 
Barbados offers some of the best resorts in the world, and the unique hotel is set on the largest beach in Barbados. The resort is ideal for long term vacationing, giving you ample time to work on that tan. I didn't hear the phone ring, did you?

Get Your Sail Gear HereSuite Luxury At Cobblers Cove  Cobblers Cove features 40 luxury suites housed within 10 two-story cottages of four suites each. The main Great House features a sweeping "Gone With The Wind" staircase that leads to the two Specialty Suites: Colleton and Camelot, the ultimate in luxury, surrounded by lush gardens and well-manicured grounds. Cobblers Cove, one of only five Caribbean members of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux, prides itself on assuring their guests an intimate ambience that speaks the language of love.

Royal Luxury At Fairmont Royal Pavilion 
 An avenue of perfectly aligned Royal Palms leads to the exquisite Fairmont Royal Pavilion. This magnificent resort is surrounded by eleven acres of lush tropical gardens and private oceanfront property in the parish of St. James on the scenic west coast of Barbados. The Fairmont Glitter Bay, sister resort of The Royal Pavilion resides within the same property, a quarter mile away, and as a guest of The Royal Pavilion you will be encouraged to enjoy the amenities offered at both resorts.

Barbados' Beautiful Bougainvillea Hotel 
 Okay jazz lovers, summer is coming, Holder Season's is over, but Crop Over is comiing in August. Where do you really want to stay? Pick the beautiful Bouganvillea, right on the beach. Named after one of the brightest flowers in the Caribbean, find out why it lives up to its namesake.

Historic Luxury At The Crane  Set high on a cliff above the Atlantic Ocean stands the magnificent "CRANE", Barbados oldest resort hotel. The original hotel, built in the 1700s, was integrated into the expansion of 1887, which was also integrated into the expansion of 2001 and features quite possibly THE most spectacular views on the entire island, from the world-renowned pool, framed by a row of classic Greek columns overlooking Crane Beach, to the ensuite private pools, Resort Apartments or Private Residences; magnificent views are de rigueur at The Crane.

Second Decade of Bajan Jazz —
Tropical Gear From Around The EquatorBarbados recently won honors at the 2003 World Travel Awards for: Caribbean's Leading Destination, along with 5 other top travel awards, and one of the best reasons to vaction in the "Gem of the Caribbean" is the annual Barbados Jazz Festival, held each January, and now in it's second decade.

Barbados Fish and Boats Fly - Listen up all matey's, Barbados has a strong cruiser business for bareboat and crewed yachts, from Bucanneer pirate schooners to trimarans, catamarans, and the Jules Verne version of a submarine dive off a 36,000-year-old reef. Or catch the freighter to St. Lucia for a lively weekend adventure.

Wuk Up Crop Over Festival - (Barbados) Thousands of revellers jumped up, gyrated and 'wuk-kup' themselves into a frenzy as they partied themselves behind 21 bands on the way from the Barbados National Stadium to Spring Garden to bring the curtains down on Crop Over 2002.

Get Bronzed In The CaribbeanBajan Adventure Jeep Safari - Did you know that the words hurricane and hammock evolved from the Arawaks, the first settlers of Barbados? Or that you can use a chack-chack, growing naturally, as a part of the Calypso percussion section? Or that water coconuts are good for your liver? These are just a few things you will learn on a Barbados Adventure Safari!

Enter the world of shamanistic healing. You will be taught in the same spirit as the shamans over 25 generations in the healing powers of Magical Passes. You will be asserted, affirmed, and explained in every nuance of this heightened awareness and knowledge that was never invented, but passed down through the generations. You will experience exceptional sensations of well being through specific body movements, yielding tremendous results in mental and physical prowess, without aerobics or hard to achieve body strain.

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Bahamas' Cable Beach Family Adventure  There are some great beaches in the world that are within or close to amazing cities. Waikiki, Ipanema, Bondi, and Malibu, and one you probably have not paid too much attention to, but it is actually one of the finest beaches in the world, with great things to do - Cable Beach, in the The Bahamas, surrounded by the capital - Nassau - and the former British outpost archipelago.

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Dive Into The Dive PagesBon Bon Bonaire - After extensive forays into Bonaire's underwater wonders, read about the above water delights, including kayaking in the mangroves, windsurfing and then stranded at a nudist resort. How tough can it get?


Mountain On The Sea - Diving and Sailing With The Cuan Law - (BVIs) I have a philosophy: never scuba dive from the beach when you can dive from a boat. When boat diving, you don't get sand in your air regulator, and you're just a few yards away from a hot or cold drink. Oh, and have you ever tried to wade through surf wearing thirty pounds of gear and fins the size of clown shoes? It's no contest — boats are better. And my fondest wish is to combine the adventure of scuba diving with the comfort of a luxury Caribbean cruise. My prayers are answered!


The Lost Gem - Rosalie Bay Resort - Dominica (pronounced Domineeka), is a combination of ABC's "Lost", the Garden Isle of Kauai, and an ecologically aware day spa all wrapped into one hidden gem of an island.


Sspring Break ResortsDominican Republic - Trading Winter For Trade Winds - The Hilton and Coral Hotels have teamed up to offer a unique resort golf setting. Golf the new Guavaberry Golf Course on the south end of the island, then order a Guavaberry at the 19th hole!

A Place In The Sun - From the Capital City of Santo Domingo, the first city of the new world, to the north eastern coast of Samana, with its simple but beautiful surroundings, unspoiled beaches,  and the opportunity to interact with humpback whales, all combine to make this Island a must see for all travelers.

CUBA Blog >>>

Cuba, The Hidden Paradise  "The sky is the limit in Cuba as far as tourism is concerned," says Kees Aerts, General Manager of Breezes Costa Verde, the new SuperClubs Super-Inclusive Hotel located at Playa Pesquero, in the province of Holguin, and is jointly owned by the Government of Cuba and the Italian Gaviota Group.


Caribbean and Worldwide airfaresGrenada's Callaloo Soup A dining staple on the nutmeg island. Learn not only how to make it, but get a low down on other Caribbean Creole cuisines with insights from the chefs of the Caribbean. Grenada is the home of the largest nutmeg harvests outside Indonesia.

Spice Isle Oasis - LaSource Grenada - LaSource is a breathtaking beachfront property located on the Caribbeanisland of Grenada.(on the island's West Coast). Facing Pink Gin Beach and surrounded by forty acres of lush tropical garden and a golf course, the resort is all-inclusive with multi-generational appeal.

Heaven & Earth Spa at Calabash - The newly completed Heaven and Earth Spa is set against a hillside at the end of L’anse aux Epines Beach and facingPrickly Bay. I am told that the stairs edging up the hillside, designed with an architect’s eye towards modern art, signals something both different and original.

Hello . . . and Welcome to Boots - Every once in a while a foodie will slip you the name of an out-of-the-way, off-the-beaten-path restaurant, then reinforce the message with, “Not to be missed.” Boots, located in St. George’sinside a home on the Caribbean island of Grenada is just such a place.

JAMAICA Blog >>>

Surf Into Surfer SavingsBest Jamaican Spa - Round Hill Resort - Azure waters, pristine beaches, immaculate lawns and impeccable service combine to make Round Hill in Hanover Parish, Jamaica, not only a world class destination, but one that raises the bar in so far as resorts are concerned.

Super Tan At SuperClub Negril 
 Sail on the honeymoon yacht of Princess Grace, learn to scuba dive or golf, dine on luxurious seafood at this all-inclusive resort on one of teh finest beaches in the Caribbean. Relax in your balcony Jacuzzi. And then it is off to find the nightlight. Negril is buzzing.

Captain Bligh's Bloody Breadfruit - (Jamaica) The Mutiny On The Bounty was only one violent tale in the long history of the infamous captain. He actually lost more ships than the Bounty. This Blue Mountain tale recounts hot baths, breadfruit gardens, runaway Maroons, and British history on the island of Jamaica. Yah, mon, and pass the sky-juice!


Rock n Roll Isle - Montserrat - From the moment I saw it, I knew Montserrat was a magical island. The waters were deep blue and I could see straight through to the ocean floor. Striped tropical fish scurry about behind the boats and the warm Caribbean sun bakes a smile on my face.

Find Your Trills In Montserrat - Bird watching for the enthusiast (or the novice) is a chance not to be missed, and "peer pressure," never a problem. For the binocular-carrying visitors who come to the laid back island environment of Montserrat, most southerly of the Caribbean's Leeward Islands, it's part of a memorable stay.


San Juan Beach Cuisine - With outstanding views, spectacular sights, and a culinary experience second to none, San Juan, Puerto Rico can rightly claim to be the culinary capital of the Caribbean and Central America.

Noches En El Convento San Juan Viejo  Spend a night in a historical old nunnery, now a luxury hotel, the only one in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, the world's oldest colony.

Going Troppo In Puerto Rico - For the first time in history, ten captive-bred endangered Puerto Rican parrots were released to join the last 40 parrots existing in the wild. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has purchased 1,249 acres of the Puerto Rico's Cabo Rojo Salt Flats to triple the size of the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge.

ST. KITTS / NEVIS Blog >>>

Caribbean CruisesChillin' On Qualie Beach, Nevis - If the “Twin Island Nation” of Saint Kitts and Nevis were siblings, then Saint Kitts would be the wild and crazy one while Nevis would be the laid-back relaxed one; a real odd couple. These two islands are both remarkably unique, but if you prefer to relax and explore nature, Nevis is the right island for you.

Volcano Trekking On St. Kitts - Mount Liamuiga is a dormant volcano, which is almost 3800 feet high. It is composed of both volcanic and sedimentary rocks. The mountain is covered with a tropical rain forest vegetation, which gives, a permanent supply of water. When you take a walk up to the top of the mountain, you will discover a wealth of flora, including giant leaves, vines, creepers, ferns, moss and a delightful orchids.


The Two Saints of the Carib - The stunning island known as St-Martin to the French, and Sint Maarten to the Dutch is quite possibly the most quintessential Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-esque fantasy getaway you could possibly imagine! With a plethora of bleach-blonde beaches, luke-warm water, and a cornucopia of restaurants, this little island has all the treasures you could need in a Caribbean getaway.

Calypso, Regattas, Carnival - Our jetted-in contingent of revelers gazed with awe at the Grand Carnival Parade from the balcony of the famous Bearden Art Gallery on Front Street. We had a box seat and could reach out and touch the visible vibration posing as steel band floats "gliding" down the narrow 17th Century avenue like one huge note - LOUD - with every steel drum on the island participating.

America's Cup Regatta - In St. Maarten - You haven't sailed until you have sailed in an exclusive 12-Metre America's Cup Regatta Challenge in St. Maarten.


Stingray Snorkeling - The world's third largest reef system sits off the coast of these Atlantic/Caribbean isles, and they were given top prize for Best Dive Operator, Best Live-Aboard and Best Advanced Diving from Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine. Alongside these awards the Turks and Caicos ranked second for best dive destination, and third for the best wall diving, best value and healthiest marine environment. And you will wrangle with the wrasse.


Get Your Sport sGear HereZen Sail In A Tropical Gale - Captain Jack and First Mate Rona have been "stamping out sailors" for ten years on the Dreamwalker, training swabbies and would be swashbucklers in their Zen school of sailing, based out of St. Thomas.

Caribbean Carnival on an American Archipelago - (Virgin Islands) Tne of the best times of your life awaits in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Carnival on St. Thomas is the third largest Mardi Gras in the world, only after Rio and New Orleans. Festivities include floats, parades, music and Caribbean food. Won't you come down?

Dining with Virgins
The U.S. Virgin Islands are a taste treat for the Starving Artists or the St. Croix Food Fair. The flyiing fish are frying. The yellowtail is grilling. The Carnival is coming. Check out the latest gourmand restaurant treats on all three of the main islands and then book your next culinary experience online.

Fine Dining On St. Thomas
My favorite restaurant discovery in the U.S. Virgin Islands is Herve Chassin's French Restaurant and Wine Bar, a homey, upscale, family-owned, Government Hill attraction with panoramic views of the Charlotte Amalie Harbor.

Rustic Elegance on Tortuguero's Lost Coast - (Costa Rica) A cool, tropical breeze gently rocks me in my hammock as I overlook the Tortuguero Canal, listening to the hush of the stormy Caribbean in the distance. It's overcast and mildly humid in this part of Costa Rica, almost chilly; linen pants and a shirt keep me just warm enough when the breeze stirs the air. Chirps and squeaks and whistles fill the air of the lush green jungle all around me. A bottle of Imperial sweats on the table next to me, a napkin wrapped around its neck. Tired from the day's journey, I lean my head back and close my eyes. I'm asleep in an instant.

The Rich Coast's Big Game Fishing - Giant marlin, sailfish beyond number, high-jumping tarpon, record class snook and a dozen or more hard hitting fresh water species . . . Costa Rica has them all! World Class Marlin often approach record breakers. Fishing just doesn't get any better than you will find in friendly, peaceful Costa Rica, and because this is a small nation, it's possible to enjoy it all on a single visit perhaps with a day of white water rafting and a volcano and rain forest tour thrown in.

Guyana's Quest For Eco Tourism in the Treetops - The work that is being undertaken at the 370,000 hectares Iwokrama (International Center For Rain Forest Conservation and Development) project in Guyana's hinterland could well become the prototype for the eco-tourism and sustainable development goal that so many nations are seeking.