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    Let's Book Negril Resorts

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    Negril is the party capital of Jamaica, with over 7 miles of the best beaches, lots of sand, reefs, rainforests, treks, tours, and watersports, Cliff diving at Rick's. There are plenty of cheap hotels along the strand or up on the rocks overlooking a marine park. Best flights are into Montego Bay (Airport code MBJ) or Kingston (airport code KIN). The road from Mo'Bay is way shorter.

    Book Ocho Rios Resorts

    Known by the locals as Ochee, there are plenty of great hotels, with about a two-hour drive from Montego Bay airport (airport code MBJ). There is a lot to do in Ochee, mostly golf, hiking, river rafting, horseback riding, and parties. Lots of watersports. Ocho Rio has a few great nightclubs.

    Let's Book Runaway Bay Resorts

    Great beaches, good bars in the hotels only, not much for other nightlife. The airport is the same as Montego Bay . Runaway Bay is between Mo'Bay and Ochee. There is great wilderness hiking, golf, horseback riding and watersports. (Airport Code: MBJ).

    Book Montego Bay Resorts

    MoBay is the second largest city in Jamaica, and has lots of hotels, adventure treks, golf, and horseback riding and is the main north shore airport with the cheapest flights to Jamaica (airport code MBJ). Not as nice as Negril but great for a night or two before moving on to Ocho Rios or Negril.

    Book Port Antonio Resorts

    If you want to get lost in Jamaica, this is the place, located on the East End. Exceptional hotels. Lots of beaches in the area, river rafting on the Rio Grande, and old Errol Flynn movies at the Yacht Club. He used to live in the area. There is wilderness lodging in the mountains, with lots of hiking and trekking. This is rugged country. Best beaches are Boston and Frenchman's Cove. Hike to waterfalls. There is a small airport in Port Antonio with flights from Mo'Bay. The drive from Montego Bay takes hours over a rough road.

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